Louise Miller-Frost, MHR for Boothby

A letter from our Federal member, Louise Miller-Frost:


It is an honour to be your Federal Member for Boothby, your representative in Canberra. You may have heard a bit about my background – I was the former CEO of Catherine House homelessness service for women, and Vinnies SA, but prior to that I spent seven years in local government, and even longer in various health services including SA Health (non clinical). I also sat on a number of Boards including the Medical Board of Australia, Animal Welfare League and the Churchill Trust.

My fairly diverse career has always been about making a difference for the community and I see my role as your federal member as being about exactly that – making a difference for you and for our community.

I now spend about 18 to 20 weeks a year representing you in Canberra (a sitting week is usually four days, so I am back on the weekends in between). In addition to speaking in the chamber, I am also able to catch up with various ministers to convey concerns and raise issues directly on your behalf.

I spend the rest of my time (including weekends!) door knocking, holding street corner meetings or shopping centre catch-ups, and attending community events. It is very important to me that I hear and understand your thoughts and concerns so I can appropriately reflect them in Canberra.

Whether I am here or not, my office is also available to assist with specific concerns – we can assist with a wide variety of issues, particularly those related to the operations of various federal government departments – Services Australia, NDIS, passports and immigration, Veterans Affairs, aged care, Medicare. If you have any upcoming special anniversaries, we are able to assist with messages of congratulations as well.

During the campaign I heard from you a number of concerns – health, climate, integrity. A highlight for me was seeing the National Anti-Corruption Commission legislation pass through and the Commission open on 1 July this year. Integrity has been very important throughout my career and I believe is vital to good governance at the political and government levels.

I am particularly pleased with the work that the federal government is doing in the area of health services. Our public health system is the envy of the world but with a growing, ageing population, the increase incidence of chronic disease, and the changing technologies and medications, our health services need to keep adapting.

The cuts to the cost of medications, the tripling of the bulkbilling rate, the rebuild of the Flinders Medical Centre (which has already resulted in an extra 20 beds opened and a further 26 being fast tracked) will make a significant different for the services available to Boothby residents. We are expecting an announcement soon about the opening of an Urgent Care Clinic to take the load of the emergency department at Flinders Medical Centre.

I am also passionate about our environment. The Oaklands Estate Reserve (site of my favourite Parkrun – or in my case, walk), the adjacent wetlands, the amazing work done by Friends of Sturt River Landcare and just down the road, Friends of Warriparinga, provide peaceful oases. I am pleased that in addition to the important work being done in energy transition to address and mitigate the effects of climate change, we are also supporting the work of these important Friends groups and the local council.

It is probably a few months since I last doorknocked in Oaklands Estate but I have also enjoyed meeting Oaklands Estate residents at your events. Please do reach out to me if you want to give me some feedback, make suggestions or have a concern you want me to follow through on. My office is open weekdays 9 to 5 at 2/670 Anzac Highway, phone 8374 0511, or you can contact me on louise.miller-frost.mp@aph.gov.au. My website also contains links to newsletters, consultations and grant opportunities www.louisemillerfrost.com.au

Stobie Pole Art

We’ve had great feedback about the recently installed artwork on Stobie poles around the estate. They have been installed on poles in Oaklands Road, near the junctions with Beauford Avenue, Pethick Terrace & Melanto Terrace, on Chambers Street near Whittier and on Minchinbury Terrace opposite the railway station. The project took a lot longer than anticipated and cost more too but we think the effort was worthwhile. There have been suggestions that we should do more and even that residents might like to sponsor a pole.

Some time ago we floated the idea via our quarterly newsletter, asking for feedback and ideas. Dez Clark who had only been living locally for a short time volunteered his assistance and came up with concepts based on photos and input from the committee. Here are some of his concept drawings and the final artwork. These had to be trimmed to fit the poles which are tapered and believe it or not, different sizes.

Here are pictures of the artworks in place:

Each panel has a QR code and when a mobile device scans the code, it creates a link to this website.

Dez Clark works for Vale Signs, the company that produced the final artwork and the laminated panels. The panels were affixed by our President Fred Hill and Vice-President Robert Riggs.

We acknowledge the support of the City of Marion which assisted the project with a generous grant.