Stobie Pole Art

We’ve had great feedback about the recently installed artwork on Stobie poles around the estate. They have been installed on poles in Oaklands Road, near the junctions with Beauford Avenue, Pethick Terrace & Melanto Terrace, on Chambers Street near Whittier and on Minchinbury Terrace opposite the railway station. The project took a lot longer than anticipated and cost more too but we think the effort was worthwhile. There have been suggestions that we should do more and even that residents might like to sponsor a pole.

Some time ago we floated the idea via our quarterly newsletter, asking for feedback and ideas. Dez Clark who had only been living locally for a short time volunteered his assistance and came up with concepts based on photos and input from the committee. Here are some of his concept drawings and the final artwork. These had to be trimmed to fit the poles which are tapered and believe it or not, different sizes.

Here are pictures of the artworks in place:

Each panel has a QR code and when a mobile device scans the code, it creates a link to this website.

The panels were affixed by our President Fred Hill and Vice-President Robert Riggs.

We acknowledge the support of the City of Marion which assisted the project with a generous grant.